AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Software

AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Software - How well protected is your business from cyber threats?

Designed to protect your data and network, AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Software excels in three categories: protection, performance, and usability. That is why Computer House of South Jersey has been a partner of AVG Software for many years. We have always been able to count on its reliability and functionality when it comes to Protection and Security of our Clients Data.

AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition offers a set of Real-Time Security Solutions suitable for most Small Businesses today. It does more than provide just an Antivirus Protection. It goes above and beyond providing Safe and Secure Environment for Web Surfing and Internet Navigation with its proprietary Linkscanner® Surf-Shield. AVG Firewall which protects you from Online Hackers who may be using Malware and Ransomware to break into your network. Moreover, a new cloud-based feature called CyberCapture which scans new files downloaded to your systems with its Threat Labs technology in real time. All of this while still protecting the whole network from infections and newest digital outbreaks with Anti-Virus Real-Time Outbreak Detection.

In addition to the Safe Network environment, AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition protects your online identity, transfer of data and online transactions. Its Identity Protection safeguards your personal information from Spyware and Online Adware tracking cookies. The File Server Security protects Microsoft File Servers and Windows Sharepoint* Servers files and keeps them away from intruders. Data Safe Encrypts and stores your valuable company documents, or any other files onto a password-protected virtual disk on your PC while Advanced File Shredder securely deletes files to help prevent unintended recovery.

Another feature provided by the AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition is Remote Management. It lets out engineers log into the client's systems as administrators and remotely install, update, and configure AVG across your PC devices and entire computer network from a single location. This saves time and money reducing the operational cost when adding additional computers or servers to the existing network.

Compare & choose the best security for your business:

NEW CyberCapture

Unrecognized files are copied and sent to our experts at our Threat Labs to identify if it's safe or not.

Remote Management

Lets you manage your network and devices remotely from a single location.

File Server Security

Protects Microsoft File Servers and Windows Sharepoint* Servers.

Smart Scanner

Faster and even more vigilant, smart scanning lets you focus on driving your business forward.

Network Antivirus

Detects and removes malware and viruses from your PCs and laptops.

IMPROVED Advanced Detection

Leveraging crowd intelligence to detect threats faster than ever.

Privacy Protection

Helps protect your company confidential files and from rogue wifi networks.


Helps stop spam, viruses, hackers, and malware at the front door.

Online Protection

Protects your employees and devices from online threats.

Email Protection

Scans and checks your email for suspicious attachments and links.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t feel they are at risk of cyber attacks, but the reality is that they’re often the most prominent targets. Worse still, 70% of those targeted go out of business within six months after a security breach.

Dealing with today’s IT threats calls for a modern approach. While traditional methods of securing sensitive information are vital, more intelligent safeguards are needed to combat more sophisticated attacks. A crucial part of the challenge is to have secure IT infrastructure in place. We help our clients to make sure employees understand online risks and what the processes are in case you have to deal quickly with any security breach.

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