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Computer House of South Jersey, LLC

                                740 S. Sixth Ave., Galloway, NJ 08205
                                 Phone: 609-652-3222 * Fax: 609-748-9776

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About Computer House

   Computer House was founded in 1986 by Michael Stein. Back in the day of MS-DOS, 8088 and 286 processors, Mike had the vision and saw the need for a computer sales and repair company to service the home and small business users. Computer House started building its own line of desktop computers called "Stanford Systems". In 1989 Scott Howells joined Computer House as the Sales Manager to help Mike in sales of the new Stanford Systems and network solutions. As times and technologies changed, so did Computer House, moving into the small business market with Novell Netware and then into Windows Server and workstation operating systems. The company was one of the first in South Jersey to start selling dial-up Internet access and email accounts. In 1996, Scott Thomas joined the Computer House team and brought his experience and knowledge to help further Computer House into the Small Business market. In 1999 Computer House purchased its first T1 internet connection and started hosting our own email and web sites for our customers. With a presence on the Internet, the Company started selling web and email hosting globally as well as to our local customers. Selling Sager notebooks since 1993 and Computer House was one of the first companies in the country to have an online E-commerce shopping cart.  (Selling notebooks, notebook batteries and RAM). Sometime around 2002 - 2003, Computer House discontinued its line of Stanford System computers and became a reseller for Dell and HP computer and server products. Since that time the company has grown to be one of the largest Dell resellers in Southern New Jersey.

   In September of 2005, Computer House went through it biggest change to date. Scott Thomas and Scott Howells purchased Computer House from Mike Stein and opened Computer House of South Jersey, LLC. Mike maintained ownership of The Computer House Technology Center and continued with the Web and Email hosting. Scott H & Scott T continued the network and computer sales and service to its customer base. In 2007, Mike sold his remaining interest in Computer House Technology Center. Computer House of South Jersey & Computer House Technology Center still work closely together to provide the best possible customer service to our clients. We have been at the same convenient location since 1987 providing onsite and in-shop service. Our goal in 1986 was to provide 100% customer satisfaction and that is still our goal today. Some things never change!


Computer House Staff


Scott Howells
Partner / Sales Manager

Scott Howells has been with Computer House since 1989.



Scott Thomas
Partner / Network Engineer

Scott Thomas has been with Computer House since 1996. He has been certified with Microsoft in some network operating systems. Scott graduated with honors from DeVry Technical Institute in 1996 with a degree in digital electronics. He brings many years of field and practical experience in the computer and networking repair and installation business. Scott is very dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Contact Scott at sthomas@computerhousellc.com if you need anything day or night.












Rich Dennis
Network Engineer

Joann Hession
Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper





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Jason Redman
Network Engineer